Land-Based Coral Restoration Technician
Land-Based Coral Restoration Technician
Land-Based Coral Restoration Technician

Land-Based Coral Restoration Technician

This is an exciting opportunity to join a team dedicated to restoring coral reefs through a land-based coral nursery! As a Coral Restoration Technician, you will play a vital role in the hands-on work of growing healthy corals and aiding in the recovery of our vital marine ecosystems.


  • All land nursery related tasks: assist with the daily husbandry of corals in the land-based nursery, which includes daily cleaning every tank with a team of nursery techs, siphoning and sponging the tank interior, environmental and coral health monitoring, tank upkeep and maintenance.
  • Participate in coral micro-fragmentation techniques to propagate new coral colonies every week.
  • Monitor visually every tank and rack of plugs.
  • Assist with the facilities group with construction and maintenance of nursery infrastructure (e.g., tanks, filters, power systems).
  • Collect and record data on coral growth and health.
  • Participate in lab activities including larvae monitoring.
  • Contribute to the training and supervision of volunteers or interns.
  • Assist in giving tours to the public as needed.
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment.
  • May be asked to participate in public events and fundraisers, if needed.
  • Must be flexible with schedule.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science, or a related field (preferred) or equivalent experience.
  • Experience working with aquatic animals in a nursery, laboratory, or aquarium preferred.
  • Strong understanding of biology.
  • Ability to perform meticulous and detail-oriented tasks.
  • Excellent organizational skills and data collection experience.
  • Strong commitment to environmental conservation.
  • Team player with a positive attitude and ability to take initiative and ownership of own projects.
  • Physically fit and able to perform repetitive tasks, including lifting and carrying equipment.
Land-Based Coral Restoration Technician
Land-Based Coral Restoration Technician


  • Be part of a team making a positive impact on the environment.
  • Gain valuable experience in coral reef restoration techniques.
  • Opportunity to work with passionate scientists and conservationists.
  • Competitive salary and benefits packages for full time employees.

If you are a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual with a passion for coral reefs, we encourage you to apply!

Please submit the following materials:

  1. A cover letter or statement of interest. This should be emailed as a pdf file.
  2. A resume or curriculum vitae describing any relevant jobs, internships, volunteer work, scholarships and/or other activities that you have held or participated in and other skills or accomplishments that you wish to identify. This should be emailed as a pdf file.
  3. Completed application, including references.

Applications will be processed as received, until all positions are filled. Please submit all applications to [email protected].

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, protected veteran status or other protected category. We are interested in every qualified candidate who is eligible to work in the United States. However, we are not able to sponsor visas at this time.

About Plant a Million Corals Foundation

The Plant a Million Corals Foundation (PAMCF) is an organization based in Summerland Key, Florida whose mission is “to turn the tide of our oceans by saving our coral reefs”. Founded by Dr. David E Vaughan in 2019, PAMCF is focused on active restoration and the transfer of coral restoration technology. Using micro-fragmentation, a technique discovered by Dr. Vaughan where corals are cut using a specialized saw to increase growth 25-40 times faster than usual, PAMCF aims to demonstrate that large scale coral restoration is not only achievable, but can be done in a cost-efficient manner, making it accessible to organizations and communities of all resource levels.

Our land-based nursery at Summerland Farms has set our goal of producing 1 million corals per year, both for coral restoration and as an example of how these techniques can be used at a large scale. Another aspect of PAMCF’s missions is to use technology transfer to ensure that coral restoration is successful and available at a global level. The Coral Restoration workshops are attended by students, coral restoration scientists, and technicians from all over the world and participants have brought what they learned back to programs that have been recognized at the international level. Knowledge is not the only tool that PAMCF uses to expand coral restoration. Our Coral Restoration Unit program (CRU) makes land based coral restoration available to organizations that do not have the technology for a facility by providing a turnkey transportable nursery packaged in a shipping container.