Plant a Million Corals Foundation Internship

About Plant a Million Corals Foundation

The Plant a Million Corals Foundation (PAMCF) is an organization based in Summerland Key, Florida whose mission is “to turn the tide of our oceans by saving our coral reefs”. Founded by Dr. David E Vaughan in 2019, PAMCF is focused on active restoration and the transfer of coral restoration technology. Using micro-fragmentation, a technique discovered by Dr. Vaughan where corals are cut using a specialized saw to increase growth 25-40 times faster than usual, PAMCF aims to demonstrate that large scale coral restoration is not only achievable, but can eb done in a cost-efficient manner, making it accessible to organizations and communities of all resource levels.

Our land-based nursery at Summerland Farms has set our goal of producing 1 million corals per year, both for coral restoration and as an example of how these techniques can be used at a large scale. Another aspect of PAMCF’s missions is to use technology transfer to ensure that coral restoration is successful and available at a global level. The Coral Restoration workshops are attended by students, coral restoration scientists, and technicians from all over the world and participants have brought what they learned back to programs that have been recognized at the international level. Knowledge is not the only tool that PAMCF uses to expand coral restoration. Our Coral Restoration Unit program (CRU) makes land based coral restoration available to organizations that do not have the technology for a facility by providing a turnkey transportable nursery packaged in a shipping container.

Internship description

The Plant a Million Coral Foundation’s internship program is open on a rolling application basis. Internships last a minimum of 6 weeks with a maximum of 6 months. Selected participants will be working at the Summerland Farms facility in Summerland Key, Florida. Interns will be assisting in the day to day operations of the farm, which include but are not limited to coral husbandry, micro-fragmentation, tank construction, material production, outreach events, and facility maintenance. Please note that all positions are land-based, as we do not currently have a field nursery. Interns are encouraged to pursue an individual research project during their time with Plant a Million Corals, which will be conducted under staff supervision.

Internships are offered on a full or part time commitment depending on the duration of the internship. Applicants need to be aware of housing difficulties in the Florida Keys, and plan accordingly (housing can cost between $1,200-$2,000). Plant a Million Corals is currently unable to provide housing. Selected applicants that work full time hours (40 hours / week) will be eligible for a living stipend of $800 per month. Summerland Farms operates 7 days a week so applicants will need to be flexible with working weekends and holidays, with advanced notice.


Applicant should be enrolled in an undergraduate program having completed at least two years of study at an accredited college or university, be in enrolled in a graduate program, or be a recent graduate from a college or university. Previous attendees of the Plant a Million Corals Foundation Coral Restoration Workshop are also eligible.
Preference will be given to students who have studied or are studying marine science, specifically coral reefs, or are currently working in the field.
Available at least 20 hours per week, including weekends and holidays
Ability to work outside for 6 or more hours, on foot.
Basic English required, English fluency preferred.

Application Process:

1 -2 page Statement of Interest describing your interest in the Plant a Million Corals Foundation and what you hope to achieve with an internship.
Up to date CV or Resume
Completed application, including references.

Download Application Here

Applications will be processed as received, until all positions are filled. Please submit all applications to [email protected]